Why Golf Club Length Matters

Have you ever golfed with someone who used what seemed to be an especially short set of clubs? Their golf club length was more than likely out of proportion with their body and if these clubs were especially short, it may have even given the impression that they were using children’s clubs. Whether they were just having a laugh or they ended up borrowing someone Vclubshop else’s clubs, using clubs which aren’t the right length can have a serious effect on your game.

Your golf club length is more important than you think; just the smallest difference in length from what a person of your height should be using can genuinely make a difference to your score. Without using clubs that are the proper length, you’ll be missing out on some of the accuracy and distance you could otherwise be enjoying. Keep reading for some tips on finding the right club length for you.

Standard Golf Club Length

The standard length you’ll see for golf clubs is designed for someone who is 5′ 10″. Of course, most people are either shorter or taller than 5′ 10″, meaning that standard length isn’t the right length for most players.

You could use standard length clubs if you’re not the right height, but this changes your setup, stance and form. You’ll also wind up making more divots than you’d like and you’ll see an overall Vclubshop decline in the distance and control you have with your shots.

You might have to bend down to address the ball if you’re too tall for standard length clubs; this can cause a lot of whiffed shots since you’ll naturally tend to return to your natural posture during follow through.

Having too short of a can also mean chili-dippers, a lack of loft in your shots and a tendency to hit your balls above the sweet spot instead of head on like you’d prefer. It can mean no end of annoyance, especially for a newer player.

Whatever your height, the most important thing is to use the right golf club length. You shouldn’t buy a set of clubs which isn’t the right height for you – if you can, it’s a good idea to have your clubs customized. Many manufacturers and retailers will even customize the clubs as a free service when you make a purchase.

A set of clubs is a serious investment; it makes no sense to lay out Vclubshop a significant amount of money only to be left with a set whose golf club length doesn’t work for you. If you’re serious about your game, length is one of the most important features to look at in your clubs.

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