The Best Movies Of 2010 – Drama

Every year, we have a handful of movies, which have that rare power to move the audiences and stir them emotionally. The movie could be simple and low-key and may still knock you out with its emotions and sentiments. Even a simple moment of smiles and happiness can be stirring and soulful.

In fact, the entire process of making a movie is dramatic and surreal. Getting the actors to behave rather than act, setting up the cameras and sets and so on requires patience, skill and courage. A similar struggle is in store for writers and technicians. However, the effort is worthy if the painstakingly made film receives praise and fanfare. So, let’s cast a glance at the best drama movies of 2010.

The Fighter- Drawing inspiration from the ‘Rocky’ movies, David Russell (Three Kings) has now helmed an encouraging and persuasive story of how a local boxing talent becomes the crowd favorite prizefighter, with his skill and determination. And, while some of this is predictable, it is nevertheless the stuff of guts and glory.

The movie is centered on Micky, an amateur boxer who aspires to reach the heights. On his side are his family, his drug addict brother Dicky (A mind blowing Dramacool  Christian Bale) and his true love, who have sacrificed their passions and have shoved aside troubles to guide and inspire for victory. As Micky struggles, to be the best inside the ring, the movie assumes the scale of a timeless legend of real determination.

The Social Network- Kudos to David Fincher for making the movie on the paradigm altering American brainchild- Facebook. The Social Network is a buoyant and poignant story of how one student’s free will and ingenuity resulted in one of the greatest revolutions, for better or for worse.

Impressively, Fincher chooses to focus on the ragtag creators of the social networking site, rather than the actual process behind Facebook’s creation. As the Harvard underdog Mark Zuckerberg and others go step by step towards making history, the movie portrays the exact milieu of a generation that is linked by superficial ties. It can’t get any more precise and personal than this.

Hereafter- Clint Eastwood’s mastery over introspective drama has been witnessed in many films, such as Unforgiven, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby and so on. With this tale of the supernatural and human despair, he has once gain scored a bull’s-eye.



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