Teach Online Classes – 4 Reasons Why Students Fail and How to Weed Them Out

When teaching online classes you will find that there are 4 very specific reasons any of your students might fail to succeed in accomplishing all that thy could. Now I’m not talking about those who quit due to a family cannabis kaufen online emergency. I’m referring to those who stay in the program for its entire duration and still fail to achieve the expected results.

Most often the student holds the trainer at fault and the trainer holds the student at fault, so how can we predict who would be an ideal student? First we must understand what the most common causes for students to fail are.

1.Indecision – Maybe you didn’t clearly outline exactly what the outcomes would be upon completing your program. Maybe they aren’t sure they want to sped that much money. Either way they face some level of indecision with your program, and it will show up in their end results.

2.Commitment – Maybe they are spread out to thin, maybe they have too many pokers in the fire to solidly commit to another project. But you sold them into a training program and now they are likely to fail because they do not have the tenacity to stick with their commitment.

3.Familiarity – Maybe they have never enrolled in a program like this before and they are unfamiliar with the demands or expectations of this type of training. If not you can be sure of the fact that they are likely to get confused with even the most mundane of tasks, add to that difficulty anything they should have known before enrolling but don’t and you can see a failure heading your way.

4.Adaptability – This is a matter of personality, being properly matched with the best curriculum to help them at their level with their goals. There is no short cut to matching the right needs with the right provider and services. With that being said every student has varying degrees of ability to adapt to new demands or expectations, this by itself can cause massive failure even with the best of intentions.

You can weed out those students who would likely fail your class by interviewing your student before enrolling them. Inform them that you teach an online class and that type of learning is unlike many other forms of learning.

Begin by asking them;

How they adapted to the challenges?
Why they want to take this course?
Why they think they will succeed?
What they will need to succeed?
What they have done in the past that’s similar to this course?
What they will gain by taking this course?
What they will do if they fail this course?

These questions will give you significant insight into the student and there likely chances of succeeding with you teaching your online class.

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