Organic in the Garden – Why Use a Compost Bin?

We all know that compost is good for the Garden. We know what to put in a compost. But why should we use a compost bin?

Well, to be perfectly honest, you don’t need a bin, cage or any structure to make compost. The ideal compost would be made in the open air. Perhaps in furrows or in long rows. Covers can be used if desired.

Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes. There are commercially available Timber and plastic varieties. Some plastic bins are designed as tumblers to make turning easier. Wooden bins can be made from treated pine (not recommended) or Cedar or Cypress species.

Home made compost bins can kompostownik z palet be constructed with old wooden pallets, roofing iron or old fence palings. I use some old 200L drums I purchased from a neighbour. I use these as we are now in a residential area with a small backyard. It’s easier to keep the compost together with the drums.

There is really no reason to require the use of a Bin for making compost. It comes down to personal choice, your setting or other circumstances.

Commercially compost heaps can be seen in Windrows often hundreds of metres long. Trucks back up to a pile and empties its load of organic waste and this process continues. The compost at one end is in the making while new organic matter is being added to the opposite end.

In a domestic residential setting however, this would require thinking on a much smaller scale. If using a small open air windrow method you may require some form of edging or catchment to keep the compost tidy and in its place.

Compost doesn’t always require turning but if it did, using a windrow or open air composting method will make it easier to turn if and when required.

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