MEN: What Kissing Is to Women

What else can a love doctor do if not get secrets and testimonies that could help us improve our relationships and love life? Having had a conversation with a woman she said something about kissing that inspired this piece. With her permission I can share:

Kissing is a beauty. It is one of those natural things of life that seem stupid but it is not. How can you play with lips and get the most of it? It should be boring like most think. But no, kissing has a feel, a hold and a key. It has more meaning than could be given. In fact, I am short of words to explain this comely match of lips and twist of tongues except you can open your imaginative eyes or call in your wonderful experience. The feel of kissing is not the act, but the underlying emotions. It is the meaning you give it. Kissing is fondness. You are playing with the other person’s lips and tongue using your own and it goes on and on you don’t even understands what sustains it.

The woman said:


… kissing is a pathway to unearthing secret emotions of your partner, especially when having a fixed gaze in the eyes of your partner… Sometimes, kissing has been neglected as not necessary, but I’m telling you that it is very important you know how to kiss and especially how your partner wants to be kissed to turn her on and to be in the same mood as you are. Women are not so easily aroused as men. It is even worse when they are not in the mood. Knowing how to kiss your partner can make her change her mind and be in the mood…


I was happy to have that session with the woman. It was rather enlightening. Sometimes you can forget and someone just reminds you. It was a wonderful and pleasing session that had the woman express herself and feel better on her own. She could even understand what she was missing. She was then the love doctor and said (about kissing):


Having a long stare at your partner and letting her stare back at you can start it for you. Let your eyes say something, then move closer to her, gently cup her chin and take it closer to you. Start the kiss gently, subtly, let there be a rhythm. As the kiss progresses,the emotions are heightened. Meanwhile, your hands are in some other places performing their own magic…


Let me highlight what kissing means to a woman:

1. Women are keepers, they find the guy that 918kiss can kiss as a potential mate. He will have a hold on them they think. Women unconsciously know that Kissers can stay. This is the detail they want in the first kiss. This is the reason they want to stall before they go into bed with you. In a way, you can’t so kiss if you don’t feel it. Women measure your emotions with your kiss.

2. Women are adventurous and kissing sets in that mood of adventure and uncovers the best there could be. The guy is more of a hunter. He sees, kills, eats; but that doesn’t satisfy the complexity of a Woman. Women want to eat but they want to play and eat, seek and eat: they love fun and thrill.

3. Women are inward beings. What they want to give comes from within, unlike the man that can just do it. Women need the kiss to tune them in, open them up, get them ready, keep them on till they are satisfied. A guy just gets it over with and is fine.

4. Women are mothers that always know their children. They know that you still love them by the way you kiss them. They way you kiss may change when the feelings change. Women always want to know

5. Women are like house cats that always want attention. They want to drink milk, be cuddled, be kissed now and then. They worst you do for them is not give them attention. They always stick around, but want you to show you acknowledge and love them around.

In summary, women are inside beings that is why they can house-keep, be pregnant, nurse children, stay widowed better than men

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