How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft – Tips for Reputation Items

This article will share with you some ideas on how to make gold in World of Warcraft through reputation items. You will need to gather these items when you reach outland. You should collect these early if you want to send them to your alt later. In this article, I will be sharing on Aldor and Scryer reputation items.

You might want to take note the availability of the items out there. According to the daily quest available, it is easier to acquire Scryer items over Aldor items. This creates more supply for Scryer items, thus make the price is cheaper than their Aldor equivalents. So you can take advantage of this to make gold for yourself.

Here are some suggestions:
-Get Aldor items, either through quest or buy it in Auction House or other ways, trade with Scryer items. Usually you can trade get more Scryer items this way. After that sell the items.

-Trade Scryer items you had or you bought through Auction House with Buy wow gold Aldor items. Get 1 on 1 rate so you can get profit when you trade. Then you can sell and cash your profit.

-You can always farm sell the items directly.

Here is some valuable items list.
o Scryer = Sunfury Signet, Firewing Signet, & Arcane Tome
o Aldor = Mark of Kil’jaeden, Mark of Sargeras & Fel Armament

Here are some tips for the farming location. Legion Hold and Deathforge prove to be good to farm for these items. There are still plenty other ways on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. So there is no need to worry and good luck in your journey.


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