Finding the Best Laptops for 2011

Trying to find the best laptops for 2011 can be tough as they are being predicted left and right. There are so many options to choose from now when it comes to laptops. Laptops have largely made desk tops obsolete.

Laptops have become much more affordable the last few years. The average consumer can usually easily afford a computer. Ten years ago a laptop was big bulky and expensive.

The best laptops for 2011 have to be broken down into several different categories because after all it really depends on what you want to do with the computer that  ryzen 5 hp laptop will determine what is best for you.

Gaming Laptops

Some laptops are made specifically for gaming. These laptops typically have much better graphic capabilities and more memory. They are also among the more expensive models. For 2011 not much has changed with the gaming models, they are still among the most expensive.

Gamers on a budget are going to love the Maingear ALT-15. This budget friendly computer has all the bells and whistles that the big guys offer at a fraction of the cost. How about Alienwares M15X for a powerful machine that will take care of all your gaming wants.

HP has a great laptop for gaming that was launched in November of 2010 but is still relatively new and will definitely pick up speed in 2011.

Apple Laptops Air Book is a great machine although you are going to pay a bit more for this laptop. Apple has stayed number one with users for a long time now and the proof is in the pudding. They stay way up on the best of lists because they typically outperform most other laptops.


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