Bear Hunting Safety 101

Bear hunting is a favor sport among hunters, especially in the US. However, sadly each year there are still hunting related accidents. This article is designed to help educate the average hunter on hunting safety when bear hunting. Hopefully, this article can help prevent some of these accidents and even a fatality.

First and foremost you must always follow state hunting safety regulations. Each  state will require you to wear a specific amount of “hunter safety orange” when out hunting. This is usually done by a percent, square feet or specific clothing. Make sure to contact your state’s department of natural resources to find out exactly how much hunter safety orange you need to wear.

You NEVER want to go out bear hunting without telling someone. At least one person should know where your going exactly, how long you’ll be there and when you plan on returning. If something happens authorities will have an idea where to search for you if you don’t show up when you were expected, this alone has saved more lives than anything.

Make sure you have hunting experience or an experienced hunting partner prior to going bear hunting. Bears are normally not a danger to humans; however they can easily overpower you, out run you and even climb better than you. So, you should have a general idea on how to properly stalk and kill a bear prior to your trip.

You should always carry bear pepper spray and a back-up firearm. A.357 is an excellent back-up side arm when bear hunting; and far more efficient than pepper spray. The idea is to be able to protect yourself if confronted in close corners with the bear. Remember, while you’re tracking a bear the bear itself can turn about and start tracking you!

Remember, hunting bears is serious business and most likely the most dangerous hunting activity you can do in North America. If you’d like to learn more about bear hunting in general please follow the links below.


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